Octavia Baptist Church
Saturday, July 20, 2024
Connecting People To GOD


AWANA Meets every Wednesday night at 7 PM

During School Year

We have 40 to 55 children in our meeting each Wednesday night and they are in attendance from 7:00PM to 8:30PM. There is a 30-minute opening time which consists of handing out any awards they may have earned for verse recitation, finishing their current book, etc. Then we have counsel time until 7:30PM.

At that time the kids are divided into two groups - the younger group goes to game time until 8:00PM and the older group to class time where they study, memorize and recite Bible verses to their teacher or teacher's aide. At 8:00 the groups swap, with the older ones going to game time, and the younger ones to class time.

We have 18 to 20 adults that help in our AWANA program - as teachers, aides, game organizers, nursery workers, etc. This program would not work without each and every adult who volunteers to help.

Our kids sponsor an AWANA Club in an overseas country. They raise all the money for this sponsorship without any help from the leadership, and we are very proud of them.



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