Octavia Baptist Church
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Connecting People To GOD

Weekly Announcements and Concerns

Current Prayer Requests from 7/16/17 - updated weekly.
1.  Sean Rogers - ongoing battle with leukemia and need for bone marrow donor.
2.  Ruth Brown - remember her at home and unable to be with us.
3.  Joe Ward - is in Mena Hospital being treated and evaluated due to the progressive dementia.
4.  Anthony Phillips - has started one more month of chemo, and then more testing.
5.  Brady Lumpkin - Has been moved to rehab facility in Pennsylvania.
6.  Melody Routon, April Batchelor's sister - has a recurring spot in her throat.  No firm diagnosis yet.  More tests scheduled for Monday, the 17th.
7.  Wayne Dodd - Pat Hampton's grandson - on experimental drug at OU Medical Center.
8.  Troy Keiss -  has been diagnosed with treatable bone cancer.  Doctors will be treating him with a 2 yr. regimen.
9.  Ruth Seymour - tests and treatment options are pending for stomach cancer.
10.  Debbie Prise -  returned home Saturday after spending 5 days in Talihina Hospital being treated for excessively high calcium levels.  Will return for followup biopsy on Tuesday.
11.  Anthony Villarreal, Tracey Garza's 2 1/2 yr. old nephew - diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), started  a 3-year schedule of chemo and treatments in Bangor, ME hospital.  Is transporting to Medical City Children's in Dallas today.
12.  Stephanie Garza, Tracey's sister-in-law - has returned home and had her 3rd. radiation treatment Saturday for aggressive brain cancer.
13.  Paco Narvaiza, Andy Lewis' brother-in-law - suffered massive heart attack last week and is in ICU on a ventilator.  Lives in Spain.
Miscellaneous Announcements and upcoming events 
1.  WEDNESDAY - 6:30 PM
     Youth Meeting
     Adult Bible Study