Octavia Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Connecting People To GOD

Weekly Announcements and Concerns

Current Prayer Requests from 10/14/18 - updated weekly.
1.  Ruth Brown - remember her at home and unable to be with us. 
2.  Sean Rogers - Continues cancer treatments with cancer pills and is on strict diet to improve kidney function.
3.  Terra Hays - from Pickens - continues cancer treatments with chemo pills.  
4.  Anthony Phillips - have found spots on his lungs which could be cancer after recent checkup.  Will return for re-evaluation in two months.
5.  Claude Eberle - remains in medical rehab. 
6.  Wanda Kirkpatrick diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  had first chemo treatment this past Wednesday
7.  David Fowler family - David passed away suddenly this past week.  His funeral was Thursday at the Octavia Cemetery.
8.  Carl Smith -  surgeons in Little Rock did a procedure in hopes of not having to amputate foot.
9.  Emerson Toon, Dustin & Bailey Toon's 2 yr. old daughter - having bladder surgery in OKC October 26th.
Miscellaneous Announcements and upcoming events
1.  WEDNESDAY - 6:30 PM
        Adult Bible Study
        Youth Meeting
        AWANA - Pre-K through 6th. grades
2.  Saturday, Oct. 20th - baby shower for Alaina Johnson - 3:00 PM Octavia Fellowship Hall