Octavia Baptist Church
Thursday, August 22, 2019
Connecting People To GOD

Weekly Announcements and Concerns

Current Prayer Requests from 8-18-19 - updated weekly.
1.  Ruth Brown - remember her at home and unable to be with us. 
2.  Sean Rogers -  has been on new chemo medication.  Last blood test came back that his cancer is undetectable.  Not saying full remission and chemo does have some intense side effects.  Bone marrow transplant is still pending.
3.  Sheila Cunningham's 4 year old grandson, Hunter - has some form of bone and liver disease, cause has not yet been determined.  at this time,he is only abut half the normal weight for his age.
4.  Claude Eberle - came through surgery well and is now in rehab.  Address:  West Moreland Health and Rehab Center, 5837 Lyons View Pike, Knoxville, TN  37919
5.  Brady Lumpkin - update:  MRI shows he has significant irreparable brain damage.  Susan and Steve have been meeting with a neurologist and radiologist and are working to get him back home.  He is in a state of consciousness but with very limited response.
6.   Jimmy Murray - began chemo treatments for spot on his lung.
Miscellaneous Announcements and upcoming events
1.  WEDNESDAY -   AWANA - Pre-K through 6th. grade
                              Adult Bible Study.
                              Youth Program