Octavia Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Connecting People To GOD

Weekly Announcements and Concerns

Current Prayer Requests from 1-24-21 - updated weekly.
1.  Jamie Phillips and Anthony Phillips - Jamie is has finished chemo treatments, radiation will begin in a few weeks.  Anthony's tumors are growing rapidly and treatment for those still to be determined.
2. Amanda Davis, friend of Russell Boles from Spiro - has cancerous tumor wrapped around her jugular vein.  Should be starting chemo and radiation soon.
3.  Charlotte Littrell - has returned home and will continue receiving treatment for cancer.
4.  Jimmy Murray - is at MD Anderson and will be receiving a 5 week chemo treatment soon.  Will be in isolation for 4 or the 5 weeks.
5.  Karen Caldwell fammily - Karen passed away this past week.  Her funeral service was Friday at Smithville Cemetery.
6.  Jerry Bohanan - diagnosed with bladder cancer, but doctors think it can be treat with surgery.  Scheduled for Feb. 15
Miscellaneous Announcements and upcoming events
1.  WEDNESDAY -  6:30 PM
      AWANA - Pre-K through 6th. grades
      Youth Meeting
      Adult Bible Study